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       Evil Eye


      An ancient symbol that can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman texts and is also mentioned in the Bible and Quran. The ultimate symbol of protection against evil and misfortune. The wearer goes forth into each day with the light of the divine upon them, deflecting away the bad, bringing good luck and positive energy.



      Blue Zircon

      The balancing vibrations of the blue zircon bring you peace and prosperity. Removing all the negative energy, stagnant and guiding you to the right path. The stone represents purity, cleansing your soul on a deeper level.  Whilst the stone is a talisman protecting you from evil eyes.



      Opal meaning precious stone is great for bringing spiritual light into the aura, awakening the psychic and mystical qualities of one’s being. It helps soothe and clear your emotional body. Bringing light positivity and energy to your aura system. Wear the opal to enhance your true self,



      Nurture your heart with deep emerald green, the stone that symbolises compassion, unconditional love and loyalty. Emerald is the heart chakra being loyal, true, kind and clear. Wearing the emerald will help you feel inner strength in times of abundance. Emerald creates a strong mind, open heart and true self allowing love into your life.


      In its celestial hues the sapphire gemstones represent wisdom, royalty, self-appreciation and intuition with balance. It manifests wisdom and confidence in one’s own intuition. It is a great gemstone for relieving anxiety and sorrow. Live life with the divine sapphire.



      The turquoise stone is one of the oldest stones in history. Representing ethereal protection. By acting as a shield and master healer. Its strong purification properties remove negative energies, promote health and wisdom. Helping clear the path to a higher consciousness.

      Red Zircon

      The red zircon stone is used for the purpose to remember the pleasure of living including all the sweet things in life. Allowing passion, enthusiasm and excitement. It is a gemstone for wiping out passive energy and changing you to a constitution which is easy to produce happiness.

      Aquamarine Gemstone

      Aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids, and was used by sailors as a talisman of good luck, fearlessness and protection. It was also considered a stone of eternal youth and happiness. Aquamarine brings purification, soothing and cleansing.

      White Sapphire

      It’s no surprise that the April birthstone is as resilient as its Sun signs, Aries and Taurus. White sapphire, a stone of clarity, will be a great tool to execute those plans you’ve got up your sleeve.



      The golden Citrine gemstone energizes every level of life.It cleanses the chakras and opens the intuition.  Citrine attracts wealth, prosperity and success. Citrine shines like the sun providing joy, wonder, delight and enthusiasm. 

      Pink Tourmaline 

      Pink Tourmaline is an extraordinary crystal for cleansing the emotional body of feelings and your mind. Belonging to the heart chakra the tourmaline inspires self love and beauty. A gentle stone that lights up your inner passion and inspires you to achieve our goals.


      The February birthstone, Amethyst is a powerhouse stone. Vibrating with a high frequency, Wear the amethysts as it is great at creating spiritual protection against negative energies. It is a highly calming stone that helps bring stability, clarity and courage when making decisions.


      Propel yourself through life with the Peridot gemstone that is associated with strength and balance. It is believed to bring peace, health and rest by harmonizing the mind and body. It is also thought to boost creativity and lift your mood.