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       OUR STORY 

      Jewellery with intention.
      Founded in 2020. Esmaé is an Australian brand influenced by the Mediterranean history and culture. Illustrating ethereal and symbolic designs with an essence of Western allure. Esmaé brings you Evil Eye in modern muse. Inspired by semi previous stones, crystals and symbols that represent jewellery with intention. Holding deeper spiritual meanings has been the brands core focus, aiming to project wellness and healing. Wear Esmaé for good luck and protection.



      All our pieces are hand made in small batches. Therefore, we avoid over supply of products to help ensure we are not wasting valuable resources and offer ethical fair trade. Small batches are to help keep the jewellery unique, special and limited time.



      Jewellery shouldn’t cost the earth. That is why Esmae uses 100% organic materials in the packaging process. Our pouches are made from 100% pure cotton. No dye involved. Our boxes that store the pouches are made from cardboard and are recyclable. Our packaging is sustainable and bio degradable. All of our direct to customer mailers are compostable, meaning you can use them as a treat for your garden.