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      Euphoria Collection


      Gold Jewellery

      Manifest your inner powers with Esmaé's Summer 2020 collection ‘Euphoria’. The collection is devoted to capturing well-being and happiness. Euphoria replaces negative energy and replenishes it. Its healing properties release waves of divine light and positive rays of energy within one’s self.


      The essence of our collection Euphoria is to enhance our strength and improve our well being by capturing the symbolism of the Evil Eye, known for its protective and healing powers. Bringing you good luck, protection, good health and positive energy.


      Tap into the power of the Evil Eye and harness your spiritual destiny with our jewels.
      The colour palate is derived from our natural world with the core focus on happiness and well being, and natures impact is extraordinary. Sea salt, slow waves, summer night skies and palm trees. The essence of this collection is relaxing days spent in nature in Euphoria. Join our journey to happiness with our new collection.

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