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      Santorini The Island Of Magic

      Santorini Sun Set

      History of Santorini

      Santorini’s History is a bit like Man vs Wild. The elements of nature really challenged the people on the island. Surrounded by volcanoes that were erupting and earth quakes, we can really say that it was a land that never rests. The people on land learned to overcome natures challenges and started to build civilisation.  

      Santorini was exposed to the world in the 1970’s for its uniqueness of white Cycladic houses, cute little blue hue windows, beautiful winery destinations, gorgeous restaurant’s with authentic local produce, perched on high cliffs with aquatic beaches.  Now that is a handful.


      Sunsets in Santorini



      My Experience

      Have you ever wondered if Santorini looked like the pictures you see on social media?  Well let me tell you I know I did and when I got to Santorini It blew my mind. I wanted to capture every single inch of Santorini because it was so mesmerising but photos did not do justice to the views my eyes captured. No exaggeration but it blew my mind away and stole my heart.

      The real present is in the presence. I couldn’t believe my eyes, the water in the Aegean Sea was so calm, still and blue it really made the island stand out and pop. I wanted to capture the magic turning around in all angles like a landscape photographer but then I paused. I put my phone away and just stared at the sunset. All the tourists and families around me had the same look on there face, memorisation and shock. I am sure the locals can never have enough of those sunsets.

      I loved how the locals were so lovely and welcoming and how tradition still held its place in the towns. In the day time Santorini is a calm island. It’s best to shop around or swim during the day in the beaches or in your hotel. Let me tell you shopping in Santorini is going to require some quality savings. In the evening Santorini is lively. Everyone is out and everywhere is open. There is plenty of cute bars to choose from and stunning restaurant’s that look right at the sea with little candles on each table. It is an island of romance itself.


      Oia Santorini




      Santorini White homes


      Santorini Look out


      Oia In Santorini

      If you are looking for a holiday to slow down and wind down than Santorini is the perfect island. It is a holiday to relax, watch sunsets, swim, shop, and drink cocktails.

      Santorini consist of two islands. Oia has amazing postcard views at every corner you turn, but because of this, it’s also the busiest town. Oia is the luxurious village with romantic restaurants and high-end shopping. Oia is easy to find and navigate it is one long island. It consists of marble tiles that is stroller friendly.


      Oia Santorini


      Oia Santorini


      White Tiles Santorini


      Fira In Santorini

      On the other hand, Fira is Santorini’s capital, which has tons of wonderful restaurants and a decent amount of night life. The island itself is bigger and much more compact. Therefore, there is a lot more activities to do in Fira. Fira has a lot of views that look over the caldera. They are more direct and stunning in my opinion. I captured most of these shots in Fira. In saying that Fira also has a bigger variety of boutiques to shop from. I much preferred Fira because it is busier and there’s a lot more to do. But I definitely suggest seeing both.


      Sunset in Fira Santorini


      Santorini Night view


      Santorini Church

      Meaning of the Evil Eye


       Evil Eye Jewelry



      The Evil Eye is given to someone with a malicious glare or an envy look which causes bad luck, harm, loss of fortune and unhappiness. The Evil Eye amulet also referred as ‘Mati’ in Greece or ‘Nazar’ in Turkey is believed to bring protection, good luck, good karma and happiness.

      The traditional colour of the Evil eye is blue, evident in different hues of blue but mostly seen in Sapphire or cobalt blue. The reason behind the blue is because in Greece in areas like Aegean region light blue and eyes are rare. Therefore, it is believed that anyone who has light coloured eyes emitted bad rays of energy bestowing the curse. Which can be given to someone intentionally or unintentionally. That is why we see the amulets take the colour of the blues to ward off the Evil Eye in particularly in Turkey and Greece.



      The Evil Eye is one of the strongest symbols and superstitions in the world. The belief is widespread and extends across Asian, Mediterranean, African and Arabic countries. The earliest Evil Eye talisman and amulets are exposed in “3,300 BC”. The Evil Eye is found in ancient Greek and Roman texts. The symbol is a powerful folk belief present in literary works such as the Bible, Quran and Shakespeare plays


      Evil Eye Necklace

      Evil Eye Theia Necklace 


      Evil Eye Ring

      Evil Eye Esmae Ring



      • Protection: When you carry or wear the Evil Eye charm it deflects away the bad energy of others and yourself acting as a guardian. It will push away harmful forces, evil spirits and malevolent glares.


      • Good Luck: When you carry or wear the Evil Eye amulet it acts to restore your luck, good karma, health and happiness bringing your life peace and prosperity.


      • Positive energy: The main colour blue of the Evil Eye is associated with the sea or sky. Known for its calming, cleansing and purifying properties. Blue is beneficial to the human mind and body by balancing everything and guiding your mind and body in the right path to bring you positive energy.


      • Wards off danger: The Evil Eye keeps a protective glance over your mind and body when you are having bad luck or a bad day by avoiding upcoming danger and stabilising your day.


      • Strengthens health: The Evil Eye balances your health by strengthening your mind and body. It improves energy levels eliminating tiredness, headaches and drowsiness. Relieving anxiety or body tension and maintaining emotional balance.



      • Wearing the charm– By carrying or wearing our Evil Eye jewellery you are protecting yourself from evil spirits, bad karma and bad luck.


      • Gifting an Evil Eye pendant – Evil Eye jewellery makes the perfect sentimental and meaningful gift to share with your loved ones or a best friend. They’re often given during a happy time in life for best wishes and good luck.The best time to gift someone an Evil Eye charm or jewellery is;
        • Birthday
        • Graduation
        • Newborn baby.
        • Celebrating an important Milestone.
        • Marriage.
        • Buying a property or new car.
        • Valentine’s day.
        • Mother’s Day.

               Gift yourself one! 🧿


      • Hanging one in your house: Having an Evil Eye charm, ceramic or painted picture in your home brings good luck and good fortune, keeping away bad energy that enters inside. Allowing a peaceful environment. The best place in the house.
        • Front door.
        • Walk way.
        • Entrance.
        • Backyard.


      Evil Eye BraceletEvil Eye Bracelet

      Evil Eye Friendship Bracelet


      Evil eye silver ring

       Nazar Ring


      There are different Evil Eye colours that symbolise their own meanings and have their unique individual powers. We have attached each Evil Eye colour with your personal Zodiac sign colour.  Find your Evil Eye charm that speaks to you and wear it to capture the bright light that is attached to the charm. 



      Zodiac Signs